Grenland Energy contributes to efficient use of energy.

We want our battery technology to reduce your company’s energy consumption, maintenance costs and emissions! Grenland Energy has unique expertise in development of large scale and customized Li-Ion battery packs for maritime, offshore and land based applications. Our solutions are based on battery technology that is more efficient, less expensive, safer, more compact and easier to adapt to customer needs.

Maritime Sector

Large scale battery systems suited for fully electric or hybrid drivelines for all kinds of maritime applications. A reliable source of instant power with adaptive power-to-energy ratio helps to make energy do more!

Oil & offshore

The power demand of Diesel- or LNG powered hybrid motion systems often exceed the specification of standard battery systems. Find out how we can make energy do more in this industry.


Extraordinary conditions as temperature, pressure or lifetime expectations are key factors for batteries to succeed under the sea surface. Energy is a scarce ressource down there, find out how we can make it do more.


Land based energy storage, stationary or mobile – the range of applications is huge. From peak shaving in smart grid applications to shore side battery banks for charging of electric driven ferries, we can help making energy do more.